Power shutdown- Talab Tillo, Udheywala, Durga Nagar, Chinore, Bantalab


JAMMU, APRIL 22 – In order to carry out the constructional works under R-APDRP scheme, the power supply to Best Price (Toph to Udeywala, Hazuri Bagh), Liberty Showroom, Talab Tillo road, Udheywala, Durga Nagar, Chinore, Bantalab, Barnai, Kerran, Raipur, Subash Nagar, Royal Chowk, Tophsherkhania and Top Paloura fed from T-3, T-2, M-2, UD-2, RN-2, BT-3, BT-4, SN-1, SN-3 and SN-4 shall remain affected on April 21 to May 20 (on alternate days) from 8 am to 12 noon.